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About us

As part of the Manchester Agro Group, Deutsch Atlantik GmbH is leading all financial and trading activities in Europe. The company is responsible for all capital and commercial activities within Europe and worldwide through its vast global network and agriculture expertise. It is at the very core of our business to efficiently source and export refined sugar, soybeans, and animal protein to Europe and worldwide.

Yes, we are optimists!

“How we produce our crops today is what will determine the livelihood of tomorrows generations. Let’s plant better and protect more so our society will strive and not retreat.” 

We have come to realize the various demands of the “new”! The need to innovate by developing new products and markets is no longer just a worldwide trend, but the only path to success. Together with our partners and customers, we operate under a harmonic commercial structure which creates a fair value addition for the entire production chain, an excellent quality of our products and the best practices for environmental sustainability.


Deutsch Atlantik GmbH sets itself apart from static ExIm companies that focus mainly on traditional commodity trading.  We understand the complexity of the production sector and the necessity for increasing yields, while ensuring an excellent quality. Combined with an extensive experience in international shipping, our group presents a real competitive edge in agriculture commodities trading and global marketing. We source coffee, soybeans, refined sugar, corn and animal protein from the most reliable suppliers in the world. This ensures the trust from our production sources all the way up to the final end customers. To achieve this, we are actively promoting sustainability and added value to the entire chain.

Prime Agricultural Trade

Partnership is what we truly offer! At Deutsch Atlantik we are directly involved in farming around the world. Our experienced team understands not only the complexity of the production sector and the necessity for increasing yields and quality excellency, but also the need to promote sustainable agricultural practices. We aim to market the best quality ingredients while maintaining the highest level of environmental awareness. 

Complete Transparancy of the Supply Chain 

Operating in over 12 countries, our vertically integrated supply chain extends across the globe. We take the utmost care to overlook every step of the chain – from initial project planning to all the way to the merchandise-shelves and tables all around the world.


Grains, Corn & Beans


  • GMO- and NON-GMO Human Consumption
  • Soybean Meal


  • Human and Animal Consumption

Refined Sugar:

  • Icumsa 45, 150 Vhp 600 – 1200


Animal Protein

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken


Frozen Shrimp:

  • Shrimp Litopenaeus Vannamei
  • Head-On, Shell-On (HOSO)
  • Headless, Shell-On  (HLSO)


  • Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)
  • Pangasius (Pangasius Bocourti)
  • Whole and Fillet


  • Red +
  • Red ++


We truly believe in ensuring that the needs of today’s society will not compromise the ability of the future generations – and that is what we work toweards every day. Deutsch Atlantik GmbH assures that our own production facilities as well as of our suppliers and partners, follow the most strict environmental and social international certifications.

At Deutsch Atlantik, environment protection, social and economic development of the communities around the production areas are the at the core of every aspect of our business. Based on this belief, we have developed a full program of Carbon Credits in association with the world’s leading authorities in this field. Together with the largest credit generating projects in the Amazon, our group generates and trades over 5 million RED+ and RED ++ credits per year. 

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